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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Get Lace Wigs for Cheap 💮 #Wigs

*sponsored post*

Hi everyone, today it's a short post.
And today's topic is about a subject I talk a LOT in here: wigs! ▶️Probably if you saw the title you already guessed anyways lol...

Have you noticed that many Instagram stores are re-selling wigs? I have. 

And here's a tip for you: buy on the original store online instead of the american re-seller.

I've seen wigs being sold for 200% more just because they were in an American storage warehouse! 😲 If you have time to wait for the shipping or want to save some bucks on lace wigs try buying online direct on the factory! Have you heard of Cocowig ( ) ? 

They have synthetic and human hair Lace Front, Full Lace and Monofilament Top options, and girl, if you wear wigs and haven't tried a lace wigs before your wig game is seriously outdated!

💮 You know me, I personally don't wear wigs every day, but I only wear wigs on some special occasions, however I know many of my readers do so this post might help them. If you want to check out more wigs click  on the link ▶️ 

I hope this post can be useful to you. 

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