Azul Gal Costa Djavan Tranlation

Love to walk on the beach early in the morning!! And than to spend the morning sunbathing feelling the weak rays of the sun during the early morning... Then i like to come back again to see the sunset.
Where i live the sunset colors are a bit diferent, believe it or not, it's blue, white and pink. That's why my city's flag is blue, white and pink - it's the only flag in the world that has pink on it. 
(in picture doesn't show it well, but sometimes it's pretty pink!!)

Here some Popular Brazilian music to you guys!
It's a nice song to hear while calmy sunbathing...

Music AZUL by the singer Gal Costa and Djavan. Tranlation by H-SAMA.

AZUL (blue)

Eu não sei se vem de Deus
I don't know if it comes from God

Do céu ficar azul

that the sky turns blue

Ou virá dos olhos teus

Or will come from the eyes of yours

Essa cor que azuleja o dia

This collor that bluish the day

Se acaso anoitecer

If it goes darker

Do céu perder o azul

and the sky loses it's blue

Entre e o mar e o entardecer

between the sea and the sunset

Água marinha vá na maresia

Aquamarine go to (get in)  swells 

Buscar ali

get there

Um cheiro de azul

a "smell" of blue (smell in this case means a litlle bit)

Essa cor não sai de mim

This collor don't come off me

Bate e finca pé

hits and put its foot down (it's stubborn)

À sangue de rei

as King's blood

Até o sol nascer amarelinho

Until the sun born yellowy

Queimando mansinho

burning calmy and sweety-

Cedinho, cedinho, cedinho

early, early, early

Corre e vai dizer pro meu benzinho

Go run and tell to my sweety

Não dizer assim

don't tell it like

O amor é azulzinho

The love is sweet blue* 

*BIG NOTE = you know how  collors express feelings? 
Like "blue" in english would mean something like a bit depressive??

In Brazil BLUE means peace, means calm, means that everything is all right.
So when someone say "everything is blue" it's a GREAT thing!! Means that everything is doing fine to that person, and he or she has no problems at all.

-see that i use the word "sweet" a lot in the translation, but that i couldn't help!
The singers uses a lot of sweet talk to express love / peace /calm (maybe) -as if talking to a sweetheart or a child...