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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Portela samba enredo 2011

Eu não queria encher o blog com minhas preocupações e vícios da minha escola de samba mas...
I didn't want to fill the blog with my addiction to samba but...

Quero dizer que a minha escola querida Desfila às 23:10h
I just want to say that my beloved samba school parade will be at 11:10h


Portela's collors are blue and white. And traditionally we ONLY use white and blue in the parade.
All costumes and cars are white and blue. (silver and gold are not considerated collors in carnival)
You may think that's a bit odd for a school  of samba only wears 2 collors, but Portela was the very first school created and since then She (Portela) only wears white and blue.

Today only to schools remain with that tradition: Mangueira and Portela.
Mangueira was the second school created and once have wore more than her originally 2 colors so...

Portela's symbol is the Eagle. Always in our first car apears a gigant mechanic eagle.

-you also may think it's a bit strange for me to say "she"  and sometimes "our" but...
SHE= in Brazil words have gender. Portela is Female. (most schools are female)
OUR= in Brazil we don't cheer and watch only we consider ourselves as part of the thing. 
The people dressed in costumes in the parade can be anyone. Everybody is invited to go to the parade, you only have to buy the costume. The price helps the school makes money to next year carnival.
The richer the costumes the better.
If you ask i must answer: I sure think I help Portela with my support.

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