Bossa Nova em Japonês

E você acha meio estranho quando nós tentamos cantar em japonês??
And you think it's odd for us try to sing in japanese?
Saca só essa galera cantando em português! Mesma dificuldade, e eles se saíram até muito bem!
Check these people out: the same difficulty, but they handled it very well!

E a minha versão favorita da música feita para o filme Rio:
And my fav version of the song made for the movie Rio:

Can I just say one more thing? I think I'm the only person in world but I did not like the movie actually. 
Not so much because of prejudice they've shown in the picture, 
but  more because they could sent a different message:

That girl did a horrible thing with that bird by keeping it. It would probably died in real life.
That would probably be a sick bird (like this one), with faded blue feathers.
Actually there are NO blue macaws allowed to leave BR. If you seen one (like this), it was  by smuggler.

They are very lovely birds but they only grow here, they do not breed in captivaty, they only put one egg during the whole year and they only have one life patner. If you buy or keep one, your are saying yes for animal cruelty because most of those bird end up dead in horrible ways

Please be human: wild animals are called wild for a reason.


  1. Aqui no JP, MCdonalds, não param de tocar Bossa nova,acho qe japoneses gostam mais de Bossa nova do que os próprios brasileiros hahaha


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