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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Brazillian Day

 Today I took some pics for a friend of mine and I'd like to share it with you guys.

It's from a spot were I like to go every day after jogging.

the video is kinnda funny because youtube tried to make it not shaky.

This is the begging of Camburi Beach. Camburi means river that changes course. I really do not know why it's called that way, it's actually a native word like "pocahontas" in english. I am not reaaly sure, but I could guess it's because of the cannal looks like a river, but it's actually sea water because Vitoria is an island.

That part of the sea is not very deep, when the tide is low you can see many fish and birds fishing like white herons. They are a bit shy, but not as much as seagulls.

This video isn't that colorfull because its winter. Usually sea where I live is emerald green and the sky is spotless blue. Not a single cloud! We have such a great weather!! 

At the top of that hill you can see the school I went to my entire life. Such good memories.
Those are the docks that apear on the video. Those are not actually  fishing docks,
 those boats are there so people can make a sea trip of the surroundings of Vitoria. 
I've never done it, want to!!
The boats are called Starfish and  Sea girl.
Those rocks...
How many times I've jumpped from those rocks when I was young?
Wasn't a very nice idea really, but I was practing to be a mermaid. (o__O) lol

The Yemonja at the end of the pier.
How scared I was the first time I went there!!
Its a kind of goddess of the seas here in Brazil, most of brazilians don't actually believe in those kind of gods but She is quite popular still.

Can you see a little house at the middle of the pictures??
My street is just turning there.

A Kioski. Some people stops by just to drink a coconut water, maybe some beer... It's not really a restaurant but it do serves portions and sometimes even lunch.

We have such a rich animal life. Signs are glued with the phone number you should call if you see any wale or turtle in problem. I've actually seen many sea turtles at those rocks I showed you guys.

That's a very common dish for lunch: It's rice, black beans, some beaf and french fries.
So common that I alsmot didn't take that picture. Here's a traditional dish from my town.

Little cam whoreing
Me + no make up+ just got waked up. 
My face is too swollen -round-, isn't it?

So you guys just saw the begginig of the beach. Here's a movie from the whole beach. It's 3-4 mile long.

  And some Green and Yellow just because our winter is colorfull.

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