Samba de Arere translation to english

Samba de Arere - English translation

Meu samba tem muito axé,
Quer ver, vem dizer no pé.
Escute o som do tantã
(Tem samba até de manhã).

My samba has a lot of axé ( we say it like Asheh *that’s yorubá, means: energy, power, strengh)
Just watch, show us with your feet (that is hard to translate, could also be lit.“want to see it? I tell it to you with my feet)
Listen to the sound of Tantan (a type of drum)
We’ll have samba till the morning (samba is also a type of party where samba is played)

Pra curar o desamor
E a tristeza afastar,
Você que nunca sambou,
Se liga, tem que sambar.

It cures disaffections
And makes the sadness go away
You that never have danced samba
Pay attention, you have to dance it
 ( to dance samba = sambar, samba is also verb here – past sambou )

Meu samba é de arerê,
Quem samba não quer parar.
Na hora do vamo vê,
Meu samba é ruim de aturar.

My samba is from arerê (could mean both party or fight, i would translat it as messy)
Who dances don’t want to stop
At moment of truth
My samba is kindda hard to take it

Tem o dom de resolver,
Deixa tudo no lugar.
Você que nunca sambou,
Se liga, tem que sambar.

It has the gift of solve things,
Makes anything right,
You whom never have danced it
Pay attention, you must have to.

Vem ver, o meu povo cantar!
Vem ver, o meu samba é assim.
Amor, você pode provar,
Mas deixe um pouquinho pra mim.

Come see my people sing!
Come see my samba is like this.
Honey you can taste it
But save a bit for me.