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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paleo Diet Basics [ english post ]

** se você prefere ver essa postagem em português clique aqui **

who said geeks are not into diet?
I found the amazing website nerd fitness, and there i think it's the most funny and easy way to first read about paleo. I'm not going to re-do the full post I written in portuguese in english because you guys already have plenty good sources.

I'm just going to tell you my thoughts about it and show you guys the progress pics. Ready?


It's a healthy way of life, based in paleolict food diet! Basically just Eat local, eat well, eat right. Since it's based in a primal life. Keep it simple:
Can you pick it - cut it - heat it - eat it?
or can you kill it  - cut it - heat it - eat it?
than ok, you can eat it.

So, what should we eat? 

 (check out the list in english already here.)

Start it right now! click here  . I'm not trying to sell you stuff I swear!

 My Thoughts
I must assume that I've always been an entusiast of organic and healthy food. I'm not vegan but not that carnivour. Meat is not even 20% of my diet and I'm not sure I could eat more.

I am avoiding the excess of grains and sugar, but I won't let go of sushi. lol. I'm also not that radical about milk, I'm taking one with zero lactose.

Besides that this Diet fits me well because it's more about the quality of the food than quantity.

I had to put it on test, and in LESS THAN A WEEK I can see already some difference: I got more definition on my tummy area, it's a small change but definally a fast change for a diet.

I think I would only follow part of paleo, I wouldn't follow all Harris' steps as people interpretates such as:

8. Make sure you are Vitamin D replete. Get daily midday sun in season or consider supplementation if you never get outside.

People are saying that the 8th step we should do it with out sunscreen - because they didn't have sunblocks in paleologic era!! How insane is that??  What kind of cientific embasement does it have?? It does not make any sense. I do know and understand about the D vitamin being important but hello, melanoma?? Please, They didn't had holes on the ozone back at paleo days people. Make your own interpretations but make sure not to act stupid.

I'm posting my #progress pics at 
my instagram @hsama and twitter @h_sama . 
Do you have any progress pics as well? Show me!

sources:Archevore  vida primal nerd fitnessmarksdailyapple , some receipes: everyday paleo , livin paleo , paleo plan , Easy Caveman Cookbook at, more doubts? paleohacks
This is not a Paleo site related, but a pretty good article about Corn-fed x Grass-fed animals,
check it out at Essentialbread

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