Naturade VeganSmart Nutritional Shakes - Review

Tested and approved. 

 Naturade is an American company and while I'm here I decided to try one of their Vegan Shakes, ie shakes without animal products entirely . The company sent me for free some of their packages of the  VeganSmart Nutritional Shake in vanilla flavor. 

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid to do this review. The information below are my true thoughts and opinions. Please, if you would like to send me some products to sample, please contact me. Thanks; 

I have reviewed some other products for diet and nutrition here on the blog, and what excited me the most in this is that all the components of flavor and sweeteners are natural and the shake does not contain any animal ingredients (vegan). I have some milk intolerance and that made me want to try this Shake. Usually normal shakes are tasteless when you mix in water. And they are usually too thin!
Then I thought, is this one another one not thick and tasteless? NOPE. Lots of flavor.

About the Shake: The Shake is creamy and totally vegan, free of any animal products, and that includes milk. It is also contains gluten free, cholesterol free and trans fat free. 
It is high in protein and fiber and also contains several vitamins and minerals such as omega-3 (super important and that vegans often do not ingest enough since it's more frequent in fish like salmon) 

I've only tried the vanilla flavor and I found it very good. 
The product is smooth and creamy. That surprised me a lot. Happy surprise. 
BTW besides the vanilla flavor, they also come in chocolate and chai. 

Another thing that surprised me was the ingredients: I do not know if you've noticed but the shake has Hemp protein, ie, the protein from the plant family Cannabis Sativa (marijuana). For me it was a surprise. 

  I did not know you could make a shake with hemp! 

Different from Brazil in the USA the planting is allowed and they have been studying the plant every day more deeply, which I think is great! Study is always good. They found out that this plant is the only one that has a complete protein, easily digested, that contains Omega-3 and is ideal for those who are allergic to soy or can't consume gluten. In a tablespoon it has 11g of protein! Who would have guessed! 

Before you ask me, the protein is not removed from the leaves, but from the seeds and DOES NOT CONTAIN THC in significant doses because it is not extracted from the same plants grown for the psychotropic effects.
Some other plants grown with low THC are the ones planted to extract the protein and other plants with high rates of THC are grown for the purpose of the psychotropic effects. 

According to the laws here in the whole plant of hemp has up to 0.3% THC. And the part is used are the seeds that have a low level of THC naturally. 
Not only that does not appear in drug tests as well as it will not have the hallucinogenic effects of the plant, since it is only used the protein, in fact, they also use chia protein, pea, potato and chlorella in their shake- this is a normal shake if hemp wasn't on the label I wouldn't know. 

I sent an email to the company asking about the ingredient and if it would appears in anti-doping testings: and they said no. It is highly unlikely due to the low percentage.

WHAT I THINK: I mixed it with water and ice on the first day (picture) and the next day I've experimented with almond milk.

With water it's good, I liked it, but it gets even better with milk! DELICIOUS!!. 
I thought the amount of the package more than reasonable to satisfy my hunger.

And I found the taste very good. But I was specially delighted with the texture of the product:  At first I thought it would be too hard to mix - I even took a picture of the product on the spoon below.

But it's simply the right creamy!
It was also very easy to mix: I do not have a blender and it left nothing lumpy on the bottom of the cup; Very Good you guys! 

I bet this product would be a hit in Brazil too but I think they could make a product with fewer calories too, maybe. The product is 160 calories. Well I leave here is my suggestion. And if you guys would like to send me another sample of a different product it will me more than welcome. <3

The product can be purchased  here.