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Like I said a few days ago I got this dress to review.
It was sent to me from a website called Dress; For you guys that may not know this website it's based in China and they do an awesome job with dresses and accessories. Specially the handmade ones.

DISCLAIMERDress V sent me this product for free but I was not paid to do this review. The information below are my true thoughts and opinions. Please, if you would like to send me any products to sample, please contact me. Thanks; 

Hologram dress Holliday look

They are one of leading suppliers of wedding and special occasion dresses in China. They also keep in with latest trends in bridal fashion, offering fashionable dresses of good quality at the most reasonable price for every bride in the world. If you're not a bride like myself, you have tons of other reasons to like the website for their prom dresses, evening dresses, homecomig dress and cocktail dresses - really every party attire you need. 

The quality is superb and the prices very reasonable.

Ah, and the prices...

Those prices are awesome. If you are planning to have a party to to attend to go one, please male sure you check them out.

Usually I am scared of some websites since you don't really know if they are really selling the dresses they show on the pictures, and to be honest, sometimes you don't even know if the people behind it can sew at all, but this was not the case. I was very please and happily impressed with their work. Let me tell you a bit about my experience with them and of course, about my dress.

The website

The website is super clean and easy to navigate. No pop-outs or other annoying things or eyesores.

I don't understand much about website building but as a buyer, being able to EASY and FAST identify areas like:  my orders, help, payment method, return policy, refund policy and contact are musts when I choose to buy form a website and this one has them all at easy access. 
They also have a live chat area that I've never tried but I am pretty sure it would be very handy if you have any doubts.

The sign in is very easy, I simply pressed Sign in with FACEBOOK and I was ready to go. Usually I make a test. If the website starts using my FACEBOOK account to send messages every time I click on something I quit it. This one didn't send a single message nor asked me to share anything.

 Am I too suspicious of the clothing websites or are you just like me? LOL.

The package

My order was very well packaged. I simple adore when sellers wrap my stuff in bubble wrap.

It was set through DHL and got here in Alabama, US, faster than i expected. I mean, coming all the way from China you would expect it to take a while like happens in some other websites from the same country.

The invoice came outside on the top part and inside came the dress, neatly packed...

...and also some care instructions.

Behind that image comes a lot more information of how to preserve your dress.
Make sure to read it.

sheaft dress

I chose the Gorgeous Bateau Neck Sequins short sheath dress and this dress I got was incredible. The website pictures do not it justice. They don't show all the gorgeousness it has! lol.

 How hard is ti photograph this dress to make it justice! I am no pro, guys, sorry.

The Dress

The dress is ridiculously simple and pretty!
It is fully embroidered: all front and back covered in sequins. And Oh, boy I love glitter.

I am not sure if you guys notice but I have a thing for shine things.

H-SAMA blog
Hello?~ my logo???

Anyways...I have two sequin skirts (gold and silver) but nothing holographic.
I love the mother-of-pearls effect and I am currently having an obsession with iridescence: Shells... nail polish... glitter... I'll buy anything with it, SPECIALLY if they are holographic. 

 Well not the entire dress is holographic:  All sequins are silver with a beautiful shine and between some sections it has a marvelous holographic line of silver sequins criss-crossing each other. Those holographic sequins make the dress really stunning. 

Definitely you'll be a heartstopper in any party.

Front                                                     Back


 But since I am taller than most people (5'10") and I am curvier than I usually am it is shorter and tighter than it should usually be. (read it as I got a few pounds since I living in America)

It's a size M and I think I would fit better in a size L/G. To be honest I thought that the dress may not fit me at all, because usually "one sizes" do not fit me, but this dress is embroidered on a very light tulle netting (bobbinet) that allows, both dress and lining to expand so I could fit it.

So this is how it looks. I didn't want to get any hair of make up overpower the dress since is the first time I'm showing you guys... So what do you think?

The back has a lower cut than the front around the neckline, since I am tall, the arm hole should be a bit bigger also.

I am thinking on making a giveaway here, what do you guys think?
Next post I show more about going out with it.


Dress V. com

my dress:  


  1. Toooooooo shinny!! >_<
    But i fit u well =)
    I wouldn't wear a so short dress like this, tho, but that's cuz I'm not so girly when I sit :P


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