Beach Wedding Dresses

beach wedding dresses

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It can be on the beach near your house, at your favorite national park or in an exotic country.  It doesn't matter where it will take place. 
They are all marvelous & perfect places for a beach wedding!

Not sure if I've already told you guys but:

 I love Beach Weddings!

And I got very excited to write about this theme this week.

Are you the type of girl that plan weddings in your head? Well, I am, actually I love planning parties as you guys probably already know by now if you follow our blog.

I have helped many friends with wedding ideas and I love helping them to pick THE dress. I try not to talk much -as if it was possible - and I try to watch their faces. It's really amazing the moment we find the dress: you can totally see by their faces!

Now with the internet who need a magazine to inspire themselves or even shop? Gosh! i love shoppin online, and it's so cheaper!

 If you like it too take a look at this post. I've covered the most favorite style of dresses for beach weddings.

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I'm a toes in the sand kind of girl

If I could choose, a beach wedding would be my ideal wedding of choice.



There are hundreds of Beach Wedding Dresses  styles. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Although some sites claim that there are "rules for a beach wedding dress" - there aren't.

You should choose the one that you love and that will fit perfectly on you, and respect your style, apart of what people will think: YOU should feel absolutely amazing on your special day. 


Boho Style

Some people might think it's a tad simple but I adore going to hippy boho weddings.

It's such a feeling of freshness and natural healthy beauty.

Loose locks and wedding shoes that aren't shoes.

perfect for beach weddings beach wedding hair



A-line Spaghetti Straps Chiffon Sweep Train White Beading Wedding Dresses -USD$237.23 Sheath/Column Straps Chiffon Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses -USD$194.03
[A-line Spaghetti dress] [Sheath dress with beadings]

Fairy Tale

Naive or sexy this romantic style mix pearls, beads, crystals and light metal with floating fabric drapes. I love this ethereal nymph look on the sand. Do you? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear what you think. 

By the way don't they have like Stella McCartney feeling? They are less than 300USD. 

Shoes are optional 

All things bright and blingStarfish hair pins/brooches for a beach wedding. Starfish brooch available at



Empire V-neck Chiffon Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses -USD$180.12 Sheath/Column V-neck Chiffon Satin Court Train Ruffles Wedding Dresses -USD$152.63
[Empire V-neck Chiffon dress] [Chifon dress]


The empire waist gives you a lovely, thin and long, vintage look. Very classical and Elegant it can be worn by any women and look flattering on most body types.

LOOKandLOVEwithLOLO: Rene Caovilla | SS 2014 | cynthia reccordWow, this would be so cool for a wedding. Instead of having a tiara or crystal headpieces, having flowers in your hair would be beautiful. Especially with a lace dress or outdoor wedding.



Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Sweep Train Ruffles Wedding Dresses -USD$159.34 Sheath/Column V-neck Satin Sweep Train Beading Wedding Dresses -USD$221.68
[Chiffon Sheath dress] [Satin beaded Dress]

Classic Clean

Classical dresses are always Chic!

Bring back the Hollywood glamour with a thin stripe sandal and a bombshell side-parted curled hair. Don't they look like a modern version of Rita Hayworth's Gilda's dresses?

Although you can go crazy with the accessories since they have such a clean design , I would go for a completely clean look with a few good jewels. People would look at me and not at the dress. 

Fashion Satin Stiletto Heel Pumps with Buckle Wedding Shoes #132020621 Classy and Elegant Wedding Hairstyles.



A-line Sweetheart Chiffon Court Train Appliques Wedding Dresses -USD$202.04 Sheath/Column V-neck Chiffon Chapel Train White Appliques Wedding Dresses -USD$269.96
[A-line Sweetheart dress] [V-neck Chiffon Chapel Train]

Simple Chic

Also on the chic side, these dresses have structure and dress super well, but also are simple enough to be worn at day light on the sand or on a deck.

Pair them with a low heel shoe or a plastic sandal.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ANGLOMANIA + MELISSA LADY DRAGON VIIthis really pretty too!  My hair can usually hold curl for quite sometime  @

boat party wedding reception tips



Usually when we think of beach weddings we think of the ones where the ceremony is on the sand on a sunny day, but the ceremony and reception can also be on a boat or on a deck by the beach - it could be a hotel... a restaurant... your yard...

I personally would love to rent a yacht for my wedding reception, wouldn't that be neat? 
I always thought so.

If that's your dream wedding too, maybe you would prefer a more intricate wedding dress. Something with more structure... drapery... brocade... and that could have more shine.

I think night calls for shine! But hey, I'm a glitter girl.

Not that you couldn't wear an intricate and shiny style during the day, I would.
It's your wedding you can do whatever you want! Enjoy!

Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Sweep Train Ruffles Wedding Dresses -USD$245.89 Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Chapel Train White Beading Wedding Dresses -USD$211.06

[Sweetheart with drapes and beading dress] [Sweetheart with Beading dress]

Bare shoulders

Most brides also like the silhouette of a strapless corseted dress. 
The structured dress will shape you body in a lovely shape.

Pair the style with a nice shoe and tiara.

Elegant Satin Stiletto Heel Pumps with Rhinestone Wedding Shoes #1320267Wedding hair - Katayun you would look just like Lily, the Persian Barbie Doll!



Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses -USD$245.89 Sheath/Column Sweetheart Chiffon Court Train Beading Wedding Dresses -USD$245.40

[Sweetheart Chiffon with Appliques dress] [Sweetheart Chiffon with Beading dress]

Modern Goddess 

This is similar with the fairy tale idea, but with much more shine, sensuous shape and a modern twist. The cape is back and will give an update to any shape of dress.

The body's shape is worked with a corseted dress with the correct underwear. 

Day or night pick accessories that will go well with your dress embellishments.
Fashion Satin Stiletto Heel Peep Toe with Buckle Wedding Shoes #1320320Beautiful #white hairpiece (Photo via Project Wedding user lovekovy)


Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Elastic Woven Satin Chapel Train White Ruffles Wedding Dresses -USD$243.78 Trumpet/Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Organza Court Train Ivory Appliques Wedding Dresses -USD$309.22

[Mermaid Sweetheart dress] [Mermaid off should dress]

Mermaid Princess

The mermaid silhouette is definitely on almost every bride wish list.

This shape makes everybody feels sexy. I've seen brides that wore this style on the ceremony at sand and they looked stunning, but the reception was on a different place.

 I think this kind of dress looks better when you wear heels, what do you guys think?
Gorgeous Satin Stiletto Heel Platform with Rhinestone Wedding Shoes -USD$54.79Wedding hair ideas for long hair. Since I've decided to grow my hair out while in the military...



Editor's choice

H-Sama's Favorites Dresses

Trumpet/Mermaid V-neck Chiffon Court Train Lace Wedding Dresses -USD$302.83

[V-neck lace chiffon dress]

I am absolutely in love with this style! I would pick this one for myself.

Absolutely lovely mermaid shape with a small trail and lace details.

Sheath/Column V-neck Chiffon Court Train Appliques Wedding Dresses -USD$226.09

[V-neck Chiffon Court Train with Appliques]

Loved the vintage classic look. It looks like a modern version of a 50's night gown. 

Very classy and yet sexy!

Sheath/Column Halter Chiffon Sweep Train Appliques Wedding Dresses -USD$308.39

[Halter Chiffon Sweep Train dress]

Talking about sexy take a look at this dress. It's like a sexy goddess, isn't it? I think this shape of dress would fit me perfectly. It also looks like the drapery on the front would give the illusion of a thinner waist.

A-line Straps Tulle Sweep Train Pearl Detailing Wedding Dresses -USD$194.19

[A-line Straps Tulle Sweep Train dress]

 Nymph like this dress is all made with tulle. A naive greek goddess style. Very elegant, very classical.This one is for the ones that are more modest and are not a fan of deep cleaveges.

Truly pretty and romantic.



Check out more Beach Wedding Dresses here. 


Editor's choice

H-Sama favorites Decor Ideas

I you can find a catering service buffet or restaurant that will serve your guests at the sand, serving dinner at the beach can be cheaper if you cut chairs off your list: The dishes and your guests will have a picnic style meal on a tatami or straw rug.

Beach table setting. Pink and white.I love this detail for beach weddings!

For a boho or luxurious wed: hang rafia tassels in, white, gold, silver or in it's natural color and add your favorite flowers and embeleshiments, such as sea shells, starfish and crystal beads. 

Another gorgeous and cheap thing to do is to hang garlands. This one can be found  HERE on Estsy.

Beach Decor White Starfish / Shell Garland - Nautical Starfish / Seashell Garland, WHITE, 6FT on Etsy, $25.00

Editor's choice

source: Milly Bridal.orgBeach wedding guideitsashorething.netcolincowie weddingsboat party wedding reception tips


beach wedding dresses
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  1. Wow what a beautiful article! Those dresses are gorgeous! Now I feel like I have to get married a thousand times just to be able to wear all of them! hahaha Fabulous!

  2. I love the dress picks! The accessories are a great match for a romantic wedding. Great attention to detail.

  3. hey! Momo here!
    Loved the third dress! The Fairy tale one?? LOVE IT!

  4. Its actually a tough choice between the A-line sweetheart dress, the sweetheart chiffon and the halter chiffon sweet train dress. Love the designs and prefer the shoes that don't look like shoes. All the hair decoration looks great combined with the braiding.

  5. O.o long post, but a Great post, full of dress that my girlfriend would love to use .. I will make a surprise for her . H- sama stays that way, really great post.

  6. beach weddings even ask for lighter dresses and fluid, but I think it would not use shoes .. I think that I really uncomfortable with the feeling of sand in the shoes in contact with my feet (I prefer to stay with the foot directly on the sand)

  7. They are so "The Little Marmeid" wedding dresses, I love it!

  8. hum...... I think I wouldn't get married or celebrate a wedding directly over the sand. Although I think it's romantic and all, I get mad with the sand sticking everywhere D:
    If I have to pick one to go on sand, It would be the [A-line Spaghetti Dress], from the Boho style, with the feet accessories simulating shoes - Because it's simple, pretty and romantic.
    I guess in the end the experience of marring on the beach must be memorable. The idea is stunning! I'll consider it in the near future!
    But place just near the sea would be perfect: Where I can smell and see the ocean, but no sand around :D
    Also, I think my style for wedding dresses are the princess kind one. Most of the dresses in this post have a clean silhouette, so I'm not so into them. The one I'd definitely pick would be the Princess Mermaid - the trumpet one - The prettiest, THE dress.

  9. So beautiful dresses, love them very much.

  10. Some of them are just wonderful ! Lovely photos !:)


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