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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to make exotic colors for Lipstick (Green, Blue.. ANY color really)


Hi guys,

First I'd like to say that a store bought lipstick would work better.
But, if you like me, don't have one of the color you'd like this tutorial might help you.

It's quite simple: 
1. cover the entire lips with you fav primer. I used one by E.L.F Cosmetics.

2. Then I applied the eyeshadow in the color I want. Since the Eyeshadows are made to use on you eyes, it's ok to use them on the lips as well. I used a light green with shimmer (also by ELF) but you can choose matte eyeshadows.

3. Since I wanted to make a darker green tone like Poison Ivy wears in the artwork of Jimmy Lee, I darked the corners and smudged it to the center.

4. Finally to reduce the dry effect I used a cheap chapstick as a moisturizer, but you can use whatever you'd like.

- cheap!
- lasts surprisingly long!
- easy to make;
- you can make any color you want.

- a little more work than just applying a regular lipstick;
- doesn't come in a tube;
- really depends on the quality of the primer and the eyeshadow;

H-SAMA TIP: Exotic colors usually show all flaws from your lips. Exfoliate your lips with a honey and sugar scrub before wearing it.

And here's a pic with me wearing it! My Christmas countdown has started.

EDITED: I've also tried with blue too <3

What do you guys think of it?

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share it on your facebook, pinterest or blog

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