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Hi, guys, H-Sama here!

"Prom season" is finally here! YAY! 

The smell, the flowers, the smiles, the dance, the hairdo and the dress... How exciting!

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First of all, you need a date, if you ever want to ask me to one I'd rather to be askes it directly, if you are on the shy side of the force, please, do it with food...

Cheesecake and Macarons

And it doesn't matter if you are the one asking the guy to go to prom with you! You can use food as well!!

Food is ALWAYS an ice breaker, don't you agree?

Source: Instagram user adamholke

Now that you have a date, let's talk about the hair style and your dress.
I always pick the hairstyle after I select the dress I want to wear.

I absolutely adore the fact that I can wear these long and lovely dresses, with perfect fitting and lots and lots of bling! 

As you may know from my blog by now I have a passion for clothing well made.

That's why I do a bunch myself, but when it gets to party dresses I sometimes have trouble finding a company that would make them custom made and with the great fitting that I am used to.

You walk into the store, and you're overwhelmed by all the options.

If it not custom made I usually don't think they fit that well... no matter how many I try.
It's hard to find on the shelves that would be the size AND style I want.

Is it me or do you also think that many of the XSmall or XLarge clothes boring? 
Let me know on the coments.

So I end up buying online on the websites I happen to find. So meet Formal Dresses AustraliaThis company is specialized in custom formal dresses Melbourne!

They're dresses are stunning! They have the formal wear we are used to and some edgy styles as well. I loved it. 

Sheath/Column Chiffon Tulle Sweetheart Beading Floor-length Formal Dresses #Formal02014747

Sheath/Column Chiffon Tulle Sweetheart Beading 

Floor-length Formal Dresses

maria-menunous.jpg (400×600)
A messy fish-tail side braid like Maria Menunous.

Look at this embroidery! loved it.
Sheath/Column Chiffon One Shoulder Ruffles Short/Mini Formal Dresses #Formal02042299

Sheath/Column Chiffon One Shoulder Ruffles 

Short/Mini Formal Dress

Crown-Messy-Braid-Hairstyle-for-Long-Medium-Short-Hair.jpg (900×1260)hair-braids-kids.png (482×640)

I know it's a bit messy, but hey:
That breaks the formality a bit and gives the look of Greek Goddess..

A-line Chiffon Satin V-neck Beading Asymmetrical Formal Dresses #Formal02017203

A-line Chiffon Satin V-neck Beading 

Asymmetrical Formal Dress

More hairstyle ideas on

These perfect curls paired with a large braid makes the look even sweeter.

Sheath/Column Silk-like Satin Scoop Neck Beading Floor-length Formal Dresses #Formal02017072

Sheath/Column Silk-like Satin Scoop Neck Beading 

Floor-length Formal Dress

As we all know, the French women have their own way to look beautiful. Among all hairstyles, we love their simple and elegant updo hairstyle so much. Their lovely shape will make you look trendy and stylish in any occasion. This hairstyle will work best for those medium to long hair girls. Today, let’s take[Read the Rest]Braided Fishtail Updo
Side braided updo. This or this. I can't decide.

Sheath/Column Silk-like Satin High Neck Beading Sweep Train Formal Dresses #Formal02017033

Sheath/Column Silk-like Satin High Neck Beading 

Sweep Train Formal Dress

Top_100_Braided_Hairstyles_2014_058.jpg (500×701)
Side braided,  corn roll style. If you like it a little bit more alternative.


Sheath/Column Chiffon Jewel Beading Floor-length Formal Dresses #Formal02014710

Sheath/Column Chiffon Jewel Beading Floor-length Formal Dress 


That I would pair with my blue hair wig. Yep, a wig.


And now stop everything you are doing 
and look at this dress!

Sheath/Column Satin Tulle Scoop Neck Rhinestone Short/Mini Formal Dresses #Formal02016332

Sheath/Column Satin Tulle Scoop Neck Rhinestone Short/Mini Formal Dresses #Formal02016332

Sheath/Column Satin Tulle Scoop Neck Rhinestone 

Short/Mini Formal Dress

5 Ways to Make Retro Curls Look Totally Modern: Who hasn't watched an old movie and lusted after the heroine's perfect curls thrown just so over one shoulder?
Soft and retro VAVAVAVOOM curly locks like Rita Ora.

Hey, Formal Dresses Australia you should give me one of these! <3 <3

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What do you guys think?

btw what's your favorite thing about this "season"?


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