Affordable Bracelet Charms - Soufeel REVIEW [VIDEO]

Hi, I’m H-Sama and I love charm bracelets!
I got one from Soufeel and here is my review:


DISCLAIMER: Soufeel sent me this product for free but I was not paid to do this review. The information below are my true thoughts and opinions. Please, if you would like to send me any products to sample, please contact me. Thanks;  

As you may know each charm tells a story ... Could you guess mine? (MERMAID BLING!).  These are my charms:


FLOWER BASKET: out of stock

I loved each of them, but I fell in love with the Aladdin lamp and seashell.
Seashell Charm 925 Sterling Silver
Soufeel-925-Sterling-Silver-Lamp-of-font-b-Aladdin-b-font-font-b-Charm-b-font.jpg (1000×1000)

Most people ask me 3 things about theses charms: If they turn black, and if they loose their shine and if the clasp of the bracelet opens easily.

And the answer to all those questions is: NO

I took this bracelet to my trip in Europe and got it wet several times: foutains, hottub. showering, on the beach... I even took it to the Blue Grotto! 

And the clasp you can really trust because I shook this bad boy a lot there! (please see video)

I was very surprised by the quality of all the strass and metalwork of each charm. 
They are so intricate and yet delicate!

I am really happy with them! And taking this bracelet on my trip was very special... Now I need to buy a Colosseum charm to put on my bracelet!

- AH! I went to a Pandora shop just to see if there was much difference, and I must tell you no. All the store workers congratulate my taste since they thought it was Pandora at first. LOL.

They could not believe me until I showed them the name on the clasp was SOUFEEL, and even though, they asked me if any of the charms were theirs. Nope. All Soufeel.

If you like the review give me a thumbs up!

H-SAMA TIP: on the website you can choose the size of the bracelet that you want... My only regret is not choosing a larger one. I started wanting just a few charms and now that I got hook up I want to put more! It won't be tight, but I think It could be looser. 
So have in mind the amount of charms you want in your bangle before clicking yes!


If you have any questions about my trip or about the bracelet just leave me a comment bellow and I'd be glad to answer. 

You can also check this review in video here, to see more details of each charm.




Official website:


instagram: @soufeeljewelry


Use SAMA5 for 5% off if you'd like! 
(And before you ask me: no, I do not make money when you buy!)

source: SOUFEEL, Youtube


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    de repente essas pulseiras de contas ficaram populares aqui no BR... ou eu q passei a reparar só agora, hehe

    1. Super! a Pandora é a terceira marca de joias que mais vende no mundo e só vende isso! No BR a Vivara Lançou a brand LIFE que é exatamente isso.

  2. Maybe I overstated the case, but I wanted people to know how enthusiastic I was about
    the new idea.


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