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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello Kitty by OPI 2016 Preview

wow! Another great collab between Hello Kitty and a great brand: this time is OPI that joins the cute cat-girl to bring us another great collection!

Check out these products! 

It will be regular and gel nail polish, and also, products for nail decorations. All very kawaii as usual.

The black label is the gel line and the clear label is the regular line.


Adorable case for the whole set of gel nail polishes.

The Gel Nail polish Hello Kitty 2016 collection names and colors are:
GC H80 Kitty White -  creamy pearl white
GC H81 Charmmy & Sugar - sparkly pink
GC H82 Let’s Be Friends! -white-pink shade
GC H83 Look at My Bow!  - pastel pink
GC H84 Small + Cute = ♥ - candy pink
GC H85 Spoken from the Heart - Barbie pink
GC H86 Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel - intense glitter pink
GC H87 Super Cute in Pink  - pink with blue undertone
GC H88 My Twin Mimmy -bright yellow
GC H89 5 Apples Tall  - bright red (Hello kitty bow's)
GC H90 My Pal Joey  - bright blue
GC H91 Never Have Too Mani Friends! - black

Swatch of how the colors look on the nails.

If you're not a fan of gel nail polishes you can get the same products on their regular line.

And the Nail polish Hello Kitty 2016 collection names and colors:
NL H80 Kitty White  - pearl white
NL H81 Charmmy & Sugar - sparkly pink
NL H82 Let’s Be Friends! - white-pink shade
NL H83 Look at My Bow! - pastel pink
NL H84 Small + Cute = ♥  - candy pink
NL H85 Spoken from the Heart - Barbie pink
NL H86 Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel  - intense glitter pink
NL H87 Super Cute in Pink - pink with blue undertone
NL H88 My Twin Mimmy -bright yellow
NL H89 5 Apples Tall  - bright red (Hello kitty bow's)
NL H90 My Pal Joey  - bright blue
NL H91 Never Have Too Mani Friends! - black

They will be available for spring 2016.  
What's your favorite?

source: nailedblog // everything2k

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