Fall Scarf & Poncho DIY

My bet for being warm and cozy this Fall is on Scarves that can be worn like Ponchos.
The Burberry one is over 1,000 usd and it's made of fleece! FLEECE!

You can easily make one yourself at your house. It's a non-sewn project  that you just need a pair os scissors and fleece, and that you can find it at Joann's.     :)

Anti Pill Fleece Fabric Solids:

Not all fleeces are bright and blank! Check these patterns out:

Anti-Pill Fleece Fabric Gray Black Yellow Plaid:

Blizzard Fleece Fabric- Purple Black Plaid:

Anti-Pill Fleece Fabric Green And Gold Plaid:

Anti-Pill Fleece Fabric Bright Southwest:


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