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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to make your Eyelashes Grow - Naturally and Organic!

Almond Oil Benefits for Skin:

Hi guys, This is H-sama, and today is just a quick tip for you to try in your home:

Sweet Almond Oil

I've been using it for years!
My mom thought me me in Brazil some uses that her mom thought her, but today I just found out another use for it: To grow your eyelashes.

12 Benefits Of Sweet Almond Oil For Beautiful Skin & Hair & Improved Health:

"Did you know sweet almond oil is a very effective facial product? It is ideal for removing makeup, helping eyelashes grow, and as a moisturizer for extremely dry skin. It also soothes sunburned skin." I found this tip at NYX's website. Who would had guessed?

Can Almond Oil Benefit the Face?MY MOM  TIPS:
If you are curious to know what the other uses are,  they're pretty simple as well: 
1. Apply some after showering and before drying yourself with a towel for a glowing skin;
2. if pregnant apply a generous dose every day on the belly, thighs and bum to avoid stretch marks (She has none);
3. Mix some drops with a few table spoons of sugar for a home made body and facial scrub;
4. Hair nutrition (a post about that will come soon)

H-SAMA TIP: We have mix skin, so that means we have some oily areas on our face - so  I usually apply the oil as a cleanser or in the scrub, washing the excess after use.

IF YOU WANT TO READ MORE: I just found out thisthe Always Healthy Living uploaded this article with way more details about the benefits of sweet almond oil for skin, without the wrong claims that are commonly reported.

[use it everyday to avoid stretch marks]

- Water resistant Make Up remover;
- Eyelash growing aid;
- To get rid of Dark Circles Naturally;
- Moisturizer for extreme dry skin (such as feet, knees and elbows);
- To avoid stretch marks;
- To make dull skin glow;
- To soften up dry skin (few drops in you bath);
- To reduce fine lines;
- To reduce skin irritation;
- To make dull hair shine;

source: 1// 2 // 3 //

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