Mermaid Tail Blanket

mermaid tail blanket

Mermaid Dreams

OMG OMG OMG I want this blanket!!
But I am not sure what color to pick. Would you rather pink or blue?

Glamour Mermaids / karen cox.  glamour glitter mermaid:

Everyone knows I love mermaids! So people have been tagging me to a million of mermaid blakets online... this one I found here product link: 

This super cute mermaid blaket is made of a super soft acrylic material, like a cardigan... so that would be ideal for me to wear in the house while I watch tv, blog or work on my computer.

I know it's a perfect gift for children... I know, but hey, a grown up woman can have one too. 
Your house your rules girl.

You can be old, sexy and independent and still have a mermaid blanket, why not? 

You got to have SOME kind of blanket right?


sigh! I don't know which one to pick!

Personally I don't believe in "girls colors" and "boys colors" - so let's scratch the most obvious reason people usually say to pick blue "a boy can wear it".

I cannot say enough good things about this product!!! Made well, looks amazing, has a soft touch!! And according to the reviews I've seen the size is large enough so it will be something a kid can use for a long, long time.
Meaning  in my head: it's large enough I would fit in it... but I could be fantasying it.

Everyone that has bought it only says wonders about it: 

"Excellent quality. Very happy with item. Will make a great gift. Has a nice heavy/substantial weight so it will make a good blanket if you want to call it that. Item is too nice to be considered a "toy". It show nice attractive texture and materials to the eye. Sellers photos are very good I received what I expected. Ordered the adult size and it is a large item, no scrimping on size."


I wanna have one!! <3

By the way since we are talking about cardigan soft materials... if you are like me and LOVE to be lounging in comfy clothes check out their Sweaters 

My favorite picks are:

Cut Out Long Sleeves Stand Collar Black Sweater:

White Knit Long Sleeve Crop Top:

Anyway but back to the point: which color would you pick? pink or blue?

Knitted Sleep Cell Mermaid Blanket:


110 BRL -

Photography / face and arms – Photography | Inspiration DE:

EDITED: I have a vid on my channel teaching how to make a fleece version of the mermaid blanket.

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