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Friday, July 8, 2016

Cheap Mink Eyelashes? SUPER AFFORDABLE LASHES at Decadent Lashes

So I updated my lashes game. Can you tell?
I got these adorable minkies on @decadent_lashes  a couple of days ago and wow, They were super affordable! Just 20 for handmade mink eyelashes? I used to pay a lot more. Have you ever seen something like this?

Seriously guys, if you have ever seen how a deluxe hundred dollars eyelashes looks like, these are no different. I'm not kidding. Same celebrity effect but with a fraction of the price.
PLUS the packing... how cute this is!
I could easily give it to a friend for birthday because it looks NICE.
What do you think?
My review will be here.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post but I got these eyelashes for review. I wear eyelashes regularly so this is why the brand chose me. All the information in this post are my true thoughts and opinions. Please, if you would like to send me any products to sample, or to write about, please, feel free to contact me. Thanks;  

Mink Eyelashes x Synthetic Eyelashes

They also have deluxe synthetic lashes. 

I know a lot of you guys don't wear mink and that is fine. I only wear #veganlashes on my everyday.

We talked, and I thought that you guys would love this, so the brand gave me 10% off when you use code "hsama

DISCLAIMER ☆ This is a non-affiliated code. I don't get anything from you buying with them. It's just because I wear them. Love them, and thought you guys would like it too. Just sharing some love with you eyelashes lovers ☆ Enjoy. 


We have 10% off when you use code "hsama" 

Facebook: /decadentlashes
instagram: @decadent_lashes

For more of my discount codes check THIS PAGE.

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