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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Circle Lens Vassen Dolly Plus Blue ♥ #Cosplay #CircleLens #Review #video

Do you remember my Last video Tutorial? It is the one that showed I was wearing these lenses! As a matter of fact I've been wearing them for quite a while! I always like to wear the lenses for a period before reviewing it. Shouldn't it be this way? I think so.

Anyways...These lenses are from LensFlavors. 

Brand: Vassen 
Series + Color: Dolly Plus Blue
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Usage: 1 Year Disposal
Price: $25.90 (Click here)

The package came really quickly and It came with the vials of lenses, a macaroon case and a velcro hair clip. 
Here are the vials: 



Color Alone: The lenses alone are, for the most part, blue in color. There is a light area towards the center. There is a thin layer of black on the outside, which helps blending with my natural eye color giving the big enlargement effect. 

photo of natural window light

Vassen Dolly Plus Blue Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)
There is also a dark grey/black limbal ring, but notice how all lenses are not in a solid color. It's grainy instead. ►

So when I wear these, the limbal ring is not eye-catching as they can be with other lenses. I have the Vassen Red and this one is a LOT more subtle.

Color on me: I have dark brown eyes. So for the most part, they just look deep dark blue on me. In dim light they're practically black. In very bright light the blue color starts to show throughbut very naturally...It gives the effect I have navy blue eyes or black with blueish hint which I LOVE.
So mysterious!

Yellow light x Window Light x Outdoors

To me, no matter how I wear these lenses my eyes are they still look dark blue, like an deep ocean blue. 


I LOVE how comfy they are!
Some lenses kinda give you a little bit of soreness like as if you were wearing them for too long, or maybe dry eyes... you know that heavy eyes feeling? Anyways, this lenses don't give you that.
I wear them every day.

I quite like them! Again, they’re not the most blue ones, but they are very enlarging and natural looking.
I like them for the limbal ring, enlargment effect and design. Now they’re won’t turn dark eyes into light blue but they look awesome on everyday coordinates.

If you are looking for a dramatic change of color like for cosplay I would recommend a different one


You can find other pictures of me wearing these lenses here: 
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