Kopari Coconut Melt REVIEW 🌟 organic oil 🌟 #Trend

Hi Pretty- People, H-Sama here!
Today we are going to  talk a bit about two of the greatest beauty "secrets" of all time:

1. the power of organic oils (I talked a bit more about oils here) 
and 2. that you don't need to buy 17 different products for different parts of the body. 

Some of the REALLY GOOD oils can be used not only on body, but face, hair and even on your teeth. Freaky uh?

Yep. One of these oils is the Coconut oil.

I know Coconut oil EVERYTHING is pretty hyped right now...
But it is truly amazing!

And you guys often ask me to show american brands that are good...
... to be honest I didn't know any good ones until now.

Most of the brands I saw on stores had little to NO coconut oil as main ingredient.
So when I saw this new brand I was very skeptical.

They were offering samples, and I was like: "you know what, send me some, I bet they won't be good"

but wow, my mistake!

Let me get straight to the point here why I was so surprised: I have Folliculitis on the bum area and some on the thighs. 

Many women have that - I am not shamed on sharing that: mine is caused by the friction on the skin on the clothes. Since I'm NOT a nudist nor I intent to become one - I will always have that fiction on those areas...

I've been using this  Coconut Melt  for what? 3 weeks now and WOW my affected area on the thighs is GONE and the bum one has severely diminished.

You know how Brazilians are with butts, so being a Brazilian myself I have always fought with this problem.

I'm not going to post a pic of my bum because of reasons,lol, but believe me on this one.

I've been using this  Coconut Melt basically from head to toe.
The first time I tried my skin felt instantaneously nice to the touch. I kept touching myself  on the arms and legs a lot. LOL

I used to use almond oil but this one seems to do the trick better.
and if you have darker skin you will love the effect on elbows, knees and crouch. 

It's kinda bad to talk about it but I know you know how those areas tend to get darker, right, girl? You feel me.

1. I use it for daily body moisturizing after shower;
2. I use it for deep face oil cleaning;
3. I use it for extra deep moisturizing my face skin;
4. I use it to massage
5. I used ti mixed with sugar to exfoliate dead skin;
6. I also use it to feed my hair;
7. I use it for removing waterproof make up while moisturizing my eyelids;

HOW I FEEL after using it:
1. Instantaneously you can notice that the skin feels NICE as F# (BABY SKIN) and you want to rub yourself all the time, which to me is a HUGE boost of moral; #IWokeUpLikeThis ;
2. With the use you notice that your skin is more moist;
3. Dark areas due to dryness and any dry spots have diminished;
4. My my Folliculitis area on the thighs is GONE and the bum one has severely diminished.
5. I feel the skin of my breasts and bum firmer;
6. My hair feels a lot more hydrated and moistened - super nice to touch;
7. My skin glows 🌟 I can see that a lot on the shoulders; I've been complimented quite a lot actually;
8. The quality of my face skin had improved.
9. My nails seem stronger and my cuticles don't look nasty and dry - and that's just a bonus because I apply it with my hands so it gets the benefits too!; 
10. I feel more confident in taking pics without any make up for you guys with my cell. (these are some. But I won't let go of my lipstick)

👍 plus, when you feel nice - you feel sexy.


Let's talk about the Texture:

It is like normal coconut oil. Hard and white when in cool ambiance temperature and clear and liquid at hot temperatures.

Since I lived in a tropical country I didn't know that coconut oil hardens until coming here. LOL
So yeah, it is pretty normal texture exactly alike my Brazilian coconut oils.

So the name is pretty amazing because you can scoop a bit of the product, warm at your hands and see it melting.

For my hair nutrition step I use about a nut size.

I have an old video talking about hair nutrition and my hair schedule on my Youtube Channel:

- I will soon make a video about this Kopari Coconut Melt as well , stay tuned!

The Smell:

Being a Brazilian I am super used to REAL coconut smell, and you know what? I LOVE IT!
I LOVE the freshness of it. It is light and gradually disappear as the product is absorbed by the skin.

Nothing at all like the fake coconut smell that some factories put in ALL "tropical / summer" products. Which by the way I hate.
If you never had the chance to smell a real organic coconut product to know the difference it's like the difference between a REAL watermelon smell x fake watermelon smell.

I think everyone have probably seen an eaten a real watermelon and a man-made watermelon sweet to know that they have nothing in common and they smell completely different. Why do people make it so different, I have no clue!

Before I do a review I take a while, I actually use the product for a few days and then I read other reviews of the product online to see if I had a very different experience. I do that because I once read that some companies send bloggers a better version of their products than what is actually sold. Because I had such amazing experience with their Coconut Melt I was worried if that was the case....

So I searched about the negative comments - that aren't many by the way - but, for my surprise, they were all about the SMELL and TEXTURE of this product.

When I read people saying they don't like the smell  or texture I'm like: 

( and I'll explain with gifs so I can express my emotions)

Wait, what? You don't like the smell?
It smells like coconut! That is THE MAIN ingredient of the product!
What did you think it smelled like??? There is no way you are saying that...

It's like eating an apple and saying: 

"Oh, yeah, I like the taste and everything, but I don't like the smell of this. It smells too 'appleish'! The texture is off too, I am VERY USED to frozen apple pure and it doesn't feel like it at all."

YEAH, right? 
No sh#T it feels different! 

Thank GOD it doesn't feel the same way! Now you can spot the difference.

Price: $36usd
For the ridiculously amount of product in the pot that is not bad!

But, well, let's not ignore the Elephant in the room, right?

I was asked a very simple question that you might have asked yourself while reading this post: Why would I buy this product when I could just buy pure coconut oil for half of the price?

Well, for 2 reasons:
and no, I was not paid to say that, I honestly came out with that myself!
You know what? Kopari, you should send me more products! I'm obsessed.

The first reason is the quality of the ingredient.

You know when a cake is good, you taste it's good, but you don't know how to explain why it's good because you have no clue how to make a cake yourself? It's basically that. I can feel the quality is good because I tried. lol. 

I have homemade organic coconut oil from Brazil, made in an old lady's backyard by herself of fruits she cultivates herself. It was my favorite thing in the world. I was sad because like many good old fashioned things the old ladies make, the young generations don't want to learn and that art will be lost once she's gone. 

She doesn't make big batches anymore, it's pretty much just enough for her family and friends. Every time I go back to Brazil I would beg ask her daughter if she had more of it and I would return with a tiny bottle that I save for my hair... I'm addicted, I know.... 
And I tell you something: after trying this Kopari one, I haven't used my home made one since!

And that ladies and gentlemen was shocking to me.

The second reason is the quality of the blend:
You could definitely buy pure coconut oil like I had but, like I noticed, you will see it DOES NOT work the same. That is because the Kopari's Coconut Melt is a BLEND of oils.
Think of it like a coffee blend.

You could just buy regular coffee for cheaper but it won't taste like your favorite Starbucks' right?

All Kopari's products have a coconut oil as a base but also have more things in it (oils and fruit extracts) that will not only provide more nutrients but aide the body in absorbing those nutrients faster!

And that, I also did not know until I tried.

Maybe someone that understands about chemistry could explain the temperature, the extraction process, the skin absorption action and everything in between.

But me, I can only say if I put it on my skin and if feels nice or not, and if absorbs nicely or not... or if it's greasy or not...

miracle Coconut oilf for the win!

If you'd like to get this product check it here:

Organic Coconut Melt

Plus, I have a few discount coupons, if you'd like just leave me a comment that I send it for you on the answer. <3

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried any organic oils before? 

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