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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Hi guys, H-Sama here!
So more posts about Black Friday and Cyber Monday DEALS for you!

* Am I the only one obsessed with it? *
What so are you? GREAT.
We're on the same page!

Here are my favorite picks for this season on STYLEWE website.
I guess I mostly went towards HOLIDAY FASHION but to be honest I can see myself wearing these dresses all the time and for a long time. 

I am, velvet, lace and jacquard are classics, right?

Casual Long Sleeve A-line Folds Midi Dress: Wine Red Elegant Bodycon Plain Mini Dress:

Crocheted Long Sleeve Lace Mini Dress: Black Paneled Long Sleeve Jacquard Mini Dress:

Not quite on the classical side but I think our modern girls would like these styles.
I think the leathered one is specially cute! And you can make it "gother" with the right accessories, if that's your thing.

Off Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Girly Bow Mini Dress: Black PU Paneled Long Sleeve Fringed Stand Collar Mini Dress:

Like something more comfy? 

What to say about these Athleisure pieces here? - Pair them with white sneakers and you're done!

Black H-line Girly Hoodie Velvet Mini Dress: Black Two Piece Plain 3/4 Sleeve Slit Midi Dress:

I have to confess Athleisure has been a thing in Brazil for years but finally it is "acceptable" and "dressy" to wear outfits like this in America.  So cute, so comfy!

I totally get it if you don't want to spend Christmas with sneakers, that's o, the good thing about an athletic piece made in a nice fabric is that you can pair it with heels as well. So I got you covered girl. 

Black Elegant Printed Knitted A-line Sweater Dress:

My absolute fav was this knit one that looks like lace but isn't. OMG. 
Is this thing old? Have you seen it before?

Because honestly I haven't seen it yet and that paired with black stockings will be THE BOMB 💣

If you want to check out all products please click: BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY

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