How to dress for Work Parties or Military Balls #TCOT Approved

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Hiya, H-Sama here! 
Here are some update news: it's been 2 months after our wedding I just moved to Utah! 
👍 How have you been?? I've been GREAT! 👍

Today I'd like to share with you guys this store that I personally think is super neat and affordable: Moda Bridal

The holidays are coming and with that TONS of parties. Weddings, Holiday Parties, Graduations, Balls...
This year we might attend the Army Christmas Ball or Party... not sure which it should be, but still since the men wear their dress uniform I assume I am supposed to dress nicely to the occasion.
 *Who am I kidding I am always overdressed but still...
I don't want to show up to a regular party with a long sequined dress... * SUPPLIES Customized Zipper-up Floor-Length Blue A-line Scoop Beading Fall Simple & Casual Dress SPECIAL OCCASION DRESSES

[lacy but not decotage]

So tip 1: Research what is the occasion you're going to.

When I go to blogger cons I usually dress the way I wanna dress but a bit more er, edgy?...
It is work related. My work - but I know it is far from what people usually should do at their regular jobs.

I can relate to "office people"  #1 because I used to work in an Law Office. Yep. That was my first degree! I lived every day in a conservative environment.

And #2 I can relate because my husband is military. So you can't get more formal than  those. Right? SUPPLIES Fashionable Elegant A-Line/Princess Scoop Sleeveless Floor-Length Tulle Beading Evening Dress Best Evening Dresses
[Long Sleeved Eva Longoria Vibes]

💗 Anyways.... Since your boss is going to be at the party try to avoid any minis, anything that is too revealing and things that are way too sheer.💗

But some exceptions can be made. Right? This one is SO CUTE! SUPPLIES Customized Homecoming Sashes/Ribbons Cocktail Pleats Knee-Length Off-the-Shoulder Graduation Natural Dress Cocktail Dresses UK Belfast

I am so NOT puritan so I won't say anything against strapless dress. 
OMG that need to stop! News flash: Women have breasts, duh! 

HOWEVER no one better than you to feel your job dynamics. If you are unsure of how people would react to that: avoid it. NOT WORTH THE DRAMA. 😢 SUPPLIES Fashionable Cap Sleeves All Sizes Chic & Modern A-line Lace Black Sashes/Ribbons Glamorous & Dramatic Dress Black Evening Dresses
[cocktail black - go crazy on the belt, or not]

Tip 2: Research about the locals.
I am NOT  a casual person.
Casual meaning: jeans and t-shirt. So not me.
unless we are doing some kind of exercise, but if we are not jogging nope.

I dress to impress myself always.
That is how I personally feel better. And there is nothing wrong with that. some places some parties are more like a cocktail or even a get-together so try not to be the most flashy person of the night. That was the case in my previously home state.

💗 I know it's old but the best advice comes from the older times: try to be remembered by yourself and not your appearance. Meaning: let them notice and remember you, not the dress. 💗

If you're going to your work party, or a cocktail probably best to wear short /  cocktail length.
If we're talking about you going to a military ball it is probably best to wear a floor length gown. But I'd say avoid crazy designs, too many sequins, cut-outs or bold colors.

I know it can be boring, but hey: it is not the Oscar after party. Plus you can still have fun with your style. I'm sure you like some vintage vibes. Right? SUPPLIES Tailor made Off-the-Shoulder Pearls Sleeveless Spring White Tea-Length Fall Lace-up Dress Lace Cocktail Dresses
[effortlessly elegant]

Tip 3: Be smart with your money.
Yes, we all want to buy new clothes but girl, who has time for that?

💗 If you are going to buy PLAN AHEAD. How about now? If you buy now you can get a better thing custom made for you, with your style and measurements that won't destroy your wallet.💗

I mean, maybe you can pay a lot, but why would you? 💸
There's Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts on the way... well. definitely not for this girl here.
I'm cheap. 😢

Here's some styles I'd pick for myself: SUPPLIES Designed Jewel Fall Lace Zipper-up Winter A-line Cap Sleeves Prom Dress Lace Cocktail Dresses
[sheer but not so mucho] SUPPLIES Vogue Summer Black Half Sleeves Prom Knee-Length All Sizes Lace Zipper-up Dress Short Prom Dresses
[Good Girl Sexy - but add a coat if you don't feel comfortable] SUPPLIES Tailor made Canterbury Charming A-line Beading Applique Floor Length Prom Dress  Pink Prom dresses
[non-claustrophobic "high neck"] SUPPLIES Tailor made Sexy Scoop Floor-Length Lace Full Sleeve Backless Evening Dress Evening Dresses 2016
[Emerald Queen - My Absolute FAVORITE!] SUPPLIES Fashionable Green Spring Off-the-Shoulder Long Sleeves Evening All Sizes Trumpet/Mermaid Winter Dress Best Evening Dresses
[No rules military ball - yay] SUPPLIES Designed Formal Blue Scoop Backless Sleeveless Glamorous & Dramatic Floor-Length Summer Dress Evening Dresses
[Commander First Lady  Military wife] SUPPLIES Vogue Sleeveless Fall All Sizes Summer Glamorous & Dramatic Beading Evening Appliques Dress Long Evening Dresses
[My husband is the commander 2]

Believe me: Your husband's soldiers do talk about you it and it's not cool to listen about your wife at work every time you turn your back. So to avoid disagreements, do dress discreetly. The ball is not about you, but is also his work environment.


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