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Friday, December 16, 2016

Sexy and Cheap Holiday Dresses

Not sponsored. I just really like the styles.

Basically the year is over.
Not much left from 2016... but HELLO 2017, my friend!

I have huge plans for 2017: get healthier, pump up my Youtube Channel ...
But first I plan to say my farewells to 2016 by attending some awesome Holiday parties.

Have you been to any? I LOVE THEM.

In Brazil New Year's eve is ridiculously luxurious and a bit expensive to go but that has NEVER prevented us to attend to all the parties with our cheap affordable dresses.

Pay the ticket,  save on the wear. 

And by cheap I DO NOT mean cheap looking or cheap materials. Hello? Who would like to wear something that makes them look cheap? I meant AFFORDABLE I guess.

Because who has a THOUSAND dollars 😠 to spend on a different dress to go to that hot awesome holiday party you want to go, AND go to your family's Christmas party, AND the CRUSH's family Christmas party, AND Your boss's Holiday party (you know you have to), AND the company con-fraternization cocktail ?? 
Nope. Not me.

By Tradition, in Brazil we wear white for new years and I do see that trend arriving in the US as well. Recently most of the famous Youtubers got together to film an special for the Holidays all wearing white!

Like White? So do I.
Check this dress out! This lacey one is $14

Sexy White Sleeveless Sequin Print Formal Party Dress:

Not so much into the white?
Ok, I got it. How about this AWESOME slick and polish minimalist dress? THAT WILL make you look like a million bucks if you get it in black and wear with very minimum jewelry! 
🔥🔥🔥 Garanteed you'll have compliments. I've done it before 😉
Also, it's just $54.99:

Sexy Wine Off Shoulder Formal Mermaid Prom Dress:

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Liked my choices? Check out more styles and custom made options on their website:

Ah! and one more tip:

BEAUTY: I'd personally would rock both with a nice smokey eye or modern make up. For hair I'd go with a side part or braids. But It's really up to you. How do you feel better?

Michelle Phan cute sexy beauty beautiful

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