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Como Fazer Sutiã de Sereia - Tutorial Top Mermaid - #Mermaid #RaveBra

Hi Guys, Let's Make a Mermaid Top or Rave bra? Oie, H-Sama aqui! Vamos aprender como Fazer um top de Sereia?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

DIY Fairy wings ★ Asas de Fada

How to make Fairy Wings? 
Como fazer Asas de Fada? ★

Hello, I wrote this here in partnership with the blog Fadäria and based on what I read about in books or heard in stories ...

Olá, escrevi isso aqui em parceria com o blog Fadäria e baseado no que li sobre o assunto em livros ou ouvi em histórias....

Fairy wings are often similar to dragonfly or butterfly wings and are often found on the backs of the fairies and other magical beings. (Sometimes they can appear in other areas of the Faerie's body, believe me!) lol

Asas de fada costumam ser parecidas com as asas de libélula ou de borboleta e costumam ficar nas costas das fadas e outros seres mágicos. (As vezes aparecem em outras áreas do corpo da Fada, acredite! Risos)

 Newborn fairies sometimes, at a distance, mistake fireflies for their mommies. So embarrassing!:

The wings are more like insects' wings than birds', and they can move at a much faster rate, as seen in dragonflies and other insects.... Sometimes they move so fast we only see the light.

Since most fairies are tiny creatures, their wings are also very small, but they have larger fairies as well. Often we see them light colored or with transparent lines. But the wings can be found in all the colors!

Just remember to keep your imagination on and an open mind since the wings can be any shape, color and any size!

As asas são mais parecidas com a dos "insetos", do que com asas de aves, e elas podem se mover num ritmo muito mais rápido, como visto em libélulas e outros insetos mesmo. As vezes, se movem tão rápido que só vemos luz.

Uma vez que a maioria das fadas são criaturas pequeninas, suas asas também são muito pequenas, mas tem fadas maiores também. Muitas vezes vemos asinhas de cor clara ou transparentes. Mas tem de todas as cores!

Basta lembrar de manter a sua imaginação aberta já que as asas podem ser de qualquer forma, cor e qualquer tamanho!

If you are interested in making your own pair of fairy wings here we have a video (below) and an article that can help you make your own pair at home.

Se você estiver interessado em fazer o seu próprio par de asas de fada aqui temos um video (abaixo) e uma matéria que pode ajudá-lo a fazer o seu próprio par em casa. 


I made this video of how to make fairy wings, if you have any doubts click on the video and leave a comment <3 Ah, and leave a thumbs up to help me.

Fiz esse video sobre como fazer asas de fada, se você tiver alguma dúvida clica no video e deixa um comentário <3 Ah, E deixa um curtir pra me ajudar.

source: Youtube, Pinterest

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mermaid Brush - Onde comprar Pincel de Sereia

Mermaid Brush (English) - Onde comprar Pincel de Sereia (Português)

So you're into MERMAID BRUSHES: get these dupe brushes on Wish app for a dollar the set of 4 skinny ones and also a dollar that fat tail one.
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I got for 1usd the 4 small ones. Eu comprei por um dolar os 4 menores.

MerTail brushes are FINALLY here! 6 piece Free shipping in usa , and worldwide USA customer are eligible for 2 days Delivery for 6.99$ - 6 gorgeous pieces, perfect for the mermaid in your life - Hand-

I'm waiting it to arrive. Esperando chegar

Wide Fiber Mermaid Foundation Brush (£4.31) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products, makeup, makeup tools, makeup brushes, foundation makeup brush and foundation brush:
I got the duo chrome and the gold. Comprei o duo chrome e o ouro.

Make-up: mermaid cute kawaii pastel makeup brushes makeup bag gift ideas aqua shell beauty organizer:

A bit more expensive. Meio mais caro.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Cosplay Tutorial Miss America Chavez - Young Avengers Marvel

beyonce-america-comic-marvel.jpg (620×488):

Cosplay Tutorial Miss America Chavez - Young Avengers

Created on 2011, America Chavez from the Young Avengers, has now her own comics. And I must say the Uncle Sam x Beyonce Formation Mash-up costume on the cover caught my attention in a  VERY GOOD WAY. #slaying 

9Now GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you don't know her: she wears Gold Hoops, Bangles, Casual clothes, her natural hair and by the way, she's queer, and she will be written by Gabby Rivera - a female author that is also Latina and queer.  Can we shout out for the inclusion? 

Captain America Star Logo T-shirt:
I must tell you the truth, 
I was never into Captain America because...
well... he was "too american".

Not that it's a bad thing. Certainly not.
My husband is THE live version of him!
- and btw he wears the shirt all the time too -

But have you seem me

A post shared by Mermaid (@hsama) on

I didn't see myself EVER cosplaying a female version of Captain America without feeling ridiculous. I'm Black + Latin AF! Maybe I could be Major Brazil or Private Venezuela at best.

And before you say "but race has nothing to do with cosplay"
Let's be honest for a sec and imagine all the curse-words I'd hear/read in some cons or parts of the internet.... C'mon. You know it.

I was never into Captain America or Miss America until now.
This Chara totally changed my view of it! 
I LOVE cosplaying strong women and she is definitely a badass!

I NEVER thought someone Latinx could be America, and guys, what a GREAT way to be proven wrong. I LOVED the aesthetic!!

Coincidentally this year is my first year as "an American"  (papers, man) and I was planning on doing something really extra like Arnold Schwarzenegger's 4th of July pic. #JustBecause

And then... this bomb was dropped! 
Seriously: How lit is this 2nd cover?? 


It's being a while since last I posted a tutorial of a costume I would personally wear myself... AND her looks are really cute and easy to make, so let's talk about a few of my favorites?

America Chavez is literal perfection. Love Young Avengers <--- yessss!  And she's one of my favorite superheroes, too!!! ;):

Classic Look:  Blue Tanktop with white star, Jeans coat - that I'd buy at a thrift shop and paint some details on, Red Hoodie, Sailor Black Shorts, Red Sneakers and Gold hoops.

IT will be the easiest cosplay I'll ever put together!! 

Cosplay Miss America Chavez

There are already great cosplays of her with this look. This pic was taken in San Diego ComicCon 2013! Go inspire yourself

Miss America Chavez | SDCC 2013:

America Chavez:

Greater Hat Look: 
I absolute love this art even thought I don't think it's on the comics, I'd cosplay it just because...
Parka coat, stripped top, Spangled Banner Shorts, Sneakers, hoops, Red Backpack and a hat that I'd make a small joke with Trump's one because of it's similarity. Not that you have to...

Cosplay Tutorial America Chavez


4th of July Look: THE-BOMB!

I LOVED the Aesthetic in this look: The gorgeous and massive necklace - which I imagine would be a cascade of maxi necklaces and chokers layered on top of each other.

Plus the Uncle Sam's top hat worn in a Beyonce way... with the starred shoulder dress ... is LOVELY! 

America Chavez

To be honest, I don't know how the entire look is! I put it as a summer dress, but to ne honest it could be a Long T-shirt dress with an underbust corset. Kind of a Kylie Jenner's look. Nothing wrong with that either if you ask me.

Pair it with thigh-high boots, combat boots or sandals, who cares?


Music Video GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

ANYWAYS... She has a SH*t-ton of MORE LOOKS, and I don't really know how I feel about it but here's a few more:

Dressing like a superhero. "Miss America Chavez doesn’t get dressed: she gets ready.":


America Chavez!:

VARSITY LOOK: Stripped red and white top, bomber jacket and cut black jeans.

Cosplay Miss America Chavez

#marvel #america chavez #kate bishop:

SWEATHER WEATHER: High-waist black legings, and cropped blue sweater with stripes and stars I'd paint or patched on. Plus 2 bangle bracelets.

Cosplay Miss America Chavez

America Chavez and Her Star-Spangled Wardrobe:

MOTORBIKER LOOK: And lastly another badass look with the hotpants, biker jacket and Collar Shirt with an abstract eagle necklace.

Cosplay Miss America Chavez

source: 12

Can we call it Marvel’s way of making America great again?

Miss America Chavez:

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