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Como Fazer Sutiã de Sereia - Tutorial Top Mermaid - #Mermaid #RaveBra

Hi Guys, Let's Make a Mermaid Top or Rave bra? Oie, H-Sama aqui! Vamos aprender como Fazer um top de Sereia?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Doki Doki Rolled ice cream Salt Lake city

Today I finally went to this amazing cafe the Doki doki in downtown Salt Lake city.
And to my surprise the place is super cute! Adorable.
The desserts are delicious I had some before that my friend brought me but I haven't been personally there and omg It's absolutely so kawaii.

It has a modern Korean/ Japanese cafe. If you like this sort of aesthetic or never been you have to go.
Doki doki is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the heart beating fast and that's exactly what you'll feel 😍👏
They are famous for their rolled hand made ice cream. I LOVE fresh fruits and the Tahiti ice cream was my choice and I was NOT disappointed.  It is delicious!

It has banana, mango, kiwii topped with a light chantilly cream. Soo good.
Plus it is fresh made in front of you with good ingredients.  And you can watch.
To drink I tried the Princess Peach I'm not sure how to describe it: I think It's an ombre iced tea with peach.  Sooo good. I'm a peach girl . 🤲🙏🍑 #MomoGirl

Another thing they have is crepes! I have talked about Japanese crepes here before (they are so famous in Harajuku) but if you want to taste them you can simply go there. They open almost every day including Sundays but Monday's are off.

The place is adorable and It'sa must see in Salt Lake.  I wish I can come back with my friends for a princess brunch or something because it would be amazing
And if I haven't convice you yet to check it out the workers there are heros! They saved 2 guys last year from a bunch of crazy bullys.
"Doki doki everything starts with a heart"
They have good food and good hearts. 🥤🍨🍰💖

It's a win for me.
How about you? 😋

Doki Doki - Roll Ice Cream
249 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(385) 229-4339


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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Cosplay Hat comission Jewelry Bonney hat hsamablog

Hi, H-Sama Here! I just finished this Jewelry Bonney hat and I think it turned out super cute!

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Can't wait to see the client wearing it!

Cosplay COMMISSIONS. Please contact me for Details of each cosplay / costume.
Starting price for hats are 70 
Where to buy hats for cosplay? Contact and Listing here (BUY HERE)

Oie, H-Sama aqui! Acabei de terminar este chapéu da Jewelry Bonney e acho que ficou super fofo! Estou muito satisfeita com o resultado. Mal posso esperar para ver o cliente usando!
COMISSÕES pra chapéu Cosplay. Entre em contato comigo an]tes para detalhes de cada cosplay / traje.O preço inicial para chapéus é 70

Onde comprar chapéu cosplay? Contato e listagem aqui (COMPRAR AQUI)


sources: One Piece Anime

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